About Storytelling: TEDx talks

I googled for some TEDx talks about storytelling and here are the ones that were more interesting to me.


The first video explains how hard is to come till the end of a story and never give up – by the way, this is true not only for writing!!!


This second video shows that we should learn to laugh about our stories – in the digital storytelling and in life as well!


The third video is my favorite!

“Life is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense.”


And these are the most relevant points to me:

  1. As a writer you have to trust your imagination and sense of wonder.
  2. Stories happen is scenes, and only details make scenes vivid and significant.
  3. Stories aren’t written, they are re-written.

To expect more from a first draft is to misunderstand the writing process. And so is definitely for this blog post.


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